The Christine McGlade Fansite
One of Christine's most underrated and endearing qualities was the way she listened. Regardless of her attitude toward the words being spoken or the person speaking them (here, for example, it's Les Lye's unscrupulous, odious floor director "Ross Ewich," her constant antagonist), her attention was intent, undivided and responsive. This in turn made us feel she would listen to us: that she cared about what we had to say.

A few first thoughts on Christine:​
    (In no particular order)
But for all her sincerity, Christine had a deeply sardonic streak as well. No one in the world ever rolled their eyes as effectively or as devastatingly as Christine did, and woe betide those who found themselves on the wrong side of her mockery. Sometimes one or more of her castmates was the target, and sometimes it was the world in general...but sometimes, most notably in the infamous "Locker Jokes," she took aim squarely at the material and the writers.

Christine captured our every emotion. We identified with her; we empathized. When she was hurt and suffering, we suffered and hurt along with her.
We shared in her annoyances and her defeats, large and small.
They made the moments of triumph (rare and fleeting though they may have been) all the sweeter.

Hosting "You Can't Do That on Television" wasn't all fun and games. Poor Christine was subjected to all sorts of terrors and torments. But even when she was getting doused as punishment for saying the word "water"....
...Or green-slimed for saying "I don't know"...
...Or both...
Christine's wry sense of humor allowed her to hold it together and keep her composure.
Christine joined the cast of "You Can't Do That on Television" (and "Whatever Turns You On," its network counterpart) in 1979, at the age of fifteen.

She remained on the show until 1986, the year that she turned twenty-three.

Though it's been years since Christine appeared on TV, to this day there's still no one lovelier on the small screen. Here she is at SlimeCon 2002, the first of two "You Can't Do That on Television" reunion conventions. 

The most beautiful smile on television.