The Christine McGlade Fansite
Looking for cool Christine-related links? Here are a few that we think you'll enjoy! Since 1995. This great "You Can't Do That on Television" fansite (recognized as the official YCDTOTV site by CJOH-TV and series creator Roger Price) contains an episode guide, cast bios (including a "Where Are They Now?" feature), FAQs, contemporaneous newspaper and magazine articles, a message board for fans, and in-depth interviews with cast members...including Christine!

Barth's Burgery:​​ Another fine "You Can't Do That on Television"-themed site featuring episode and cast guides, with a particular focus on video captures. Also includes information on YCDTOTV spinoffs and trivia.

​​The Official Christine McGlade Website: Christine's official site (hence the name). Somewhat sporadically maintained nowadays, but there's a lot of neat info available here about Christine's life and career outside of YCDTOTV, as well as an informative and engaging blog ("Hey, Moose!") in which she discusses her time on the show and its various spinoffs. Links to social media appear on the main page as well.

​​Whatever Turns You On Fansite: A site devoted to YCDTOTV's early and short-lived network counterpart, also hosted by Christine and co-starring such YCDTOTV cast members as Kevin Somers, Jono Gebert, Marc Baillon, Rodney Helal, Kevin Schenk, Lisa Ruddy and Les Lye. The show also featured former "Laugh-In" stalwart (and future "Sesame Street" cast member) Ruth Buzzi. This great site features detailed episode synopses and interviews with cast members...again, including Christine!

Classic Nickelodeon Facebook Page​​: A new (as of October 2013) page devoted to classic Nickelodeon shows from the network's first twenty years (1979-1999), with a special emphasis on YCDTOTV. Lovingly curated by people who truly appreciate these great shows, and their impact on those who came of age watching them.